After a hard day, do you reward yourself with food?

If yes, take the comfort food fixation assessment below. Read the following statements and honestly rate how well they describe you, with 1 being “never,” and 5 being “constantly.”

I tell myself, “I’ll start my diet tomorrow.”
I go to bed regretting what I ate that day.
I feel guilty when I indulge in a dessert.
I try to give up certain unhealthy foods but feel like I can’t live without them.
I feel hopeless about my relationship with food.
I keep eating certain foods even though I’m no longer hungry.
I eat what I crave regardless of whether it’s good for me or not.
I’m more likely to eat to escape my feelings than pray about them.
I feel trapped in a cycle of dieting and overeating.
How closely I follow my eating plan affects whether I feel good or bad about myself.